Brookside Church

Weekly Guide

  • Connect to Brookside

    Whether it's your first or third time, we would love to connect with you.

    or Text "Brookside" to 260-250-4700

  • Care Check ❤️

    Our heart is to care for our church family no matter the circumstance. Would you please take a minute to answer a few questions to let us know how you're doing in this season?


    Loving and helping one another is what makes our community what it is. We believe that the church is the family of God, and like a family, we all pitch in. Everyone is gifted and responsible for different aspects of seeing the church thrive. 


  • Community Life groups

    Our Community Life Groups meet during the week around our city to live out the way of Jesus together. A Community Life Group is a place where you can be known and loved by God, and by your brothers and sisters in Jesus. These communities are always open to newcomers. Sign up today.

  • Serving Simply

    Join Brookside downtown as we make meals, gather clothes & supplies, and go into downtown Fort Wayne every Saturday night to serve the needs of those who can't make it on their own.

  • Growth Groups

    Our Growth groups are focused on Spiritual Development using a set curriculum while encouraging community.

  • Love Haiti

    Join Brookside in loving Haiti by texting "Haiti" to 260-250-4700 or click the button below.

  • Senior Adult Game Day

    We will enjoy playing tables games at the church or fishing at a local lake. Meet us at Brookside in room 1305 from 1:00-3:00 pm for games or meet at Brookside at noon to go fishing! Register today!

  • Senior Adult Luncheon

    We meet at noon on the second Monday of each month for a delicious lunch (sign-up required) and an exciting program. Our program coordinator works to secure a variety of topics that are inspirational, educational, informational, interesting, and fun! 

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Brookside Giving

September 26th

General Operating:

Weekly Budget: $28,500
Weekly Actual: $20,843
Year-To-Date Budgeted: $1,111,500
Year-To-Date Actual: $1,014,766

Mortgage to Ministry:
Pledged: $500,021
Received: $354,135