Jesus is the most generous person who ever lived. He gave his life so that we might live. We give our time, talent, treasure, and testimony joyfully in response to Jesus’ generosity. All we have has been entrusted to us from God. He is the owner, and we are the managers. As we give generously to his work, we experience freedom, provision, and joy.

A Heart of Generosity

Giving cheerfully and sacrificially is a part of worship at Brookside. We give generously because God has first been generous to us. We desire to be a church marked by radical generosity.

Partner with God in what He is doing through Brookside. Your prayers, time, talents, testimonies, tithes, and offerings help fulfill our mission of building Jesus-centered homes in our communities. Christ calls his followers to work and be on mission until He returns – having a heart of generosity is doing just that.

Financial Giving

  • Tithes and Offering Gifts:

    General Operating Fund: Tithes provide for our general budget which support church ministries and staff. The general fund accommodates anticipated ministry expenses for Outreach, Missionary Support, Worship and Discipleship, Children, Youth, Adults, Facilities, Staff, and Administration.

  • Above and Beyond Gifts:

    As you are led by God beyond your regular commitment, give to special funds designated to support specific projects and initiatives.  

    Mortgage to Ministry Fund: Help expand our reach for our communities by accelerating the payoff of our mortgage to reallocate those budgeted dollars for additional ministry opportunities. In 2019 we launched “Mortgage to Ministry”, a three-year campaign to make additional mortgage principle payments, beyond our operating budget. Our congregation has rallied to commit giving over and above our regular tithes directly toward the principle of our mortgage with individual commitments totaling $500,021 to be given by August 31, 2022. The designated funds through “Mortgage to Ministry” combined with our general operating budget have us on target for the Fall of 2023 to extinguish the mortgage debt for the 2005 facility expansion project. Reference Brookside Giving in the Weekly Guide for weekly updates. 

    Care / Benevolence / Emergency Assistance Fund: Aid in meeting people’s basic needs during a time of crisis by assisting with expenses such as food, rent, utilities, transportation, or counseling. 

    Vision Fund: Enable special capital projects above and beyond our general operating budget to facilitate building Jesus-Centered homes through healthy relationships to saturate our community with the Gospel.

    Missions Fund: Support short-term mission initiatives with various Brookside partner ministries.

  • Giving at Brookside

    Offering Collection Boxes are available at Brookside in our Main Lobby between Entrances 1 and 2. 

    Giving can also be brought to our church office during weekday office hours.  

    Questions about giving?

  • Giving by Mail

    Address donations to Brookside Church at:

    Brookside Church
    Attn: Bookkeeping
    6102 Evard Road
    Fort Wayne, IN 46835

  • Giving via Direct Draw

    Arrange for Direct Draw Giving to automatically be deducted from your bank account and sent directly to Brookside Church with $0.00 fees.

    Sign up to have your gift be automatically transferred either the 5th or 20th of each month from your bank.

  • Gifts of Stocks and Securities

    Donating stock and securities rather than donating cash can eliminate some capital appreciation taxes. Donations to Brookside Church can be transacted via the following:

    1. Complete the paperwork from your brokerage firm with the following information:

         o Firm Name: Cetera Investment Services

         o DTC#: 0701

         o Receiving Account Name: Brookside Community Church  

         o Receiving Account Number: 3KX15436

    2. Upon processing your gift via your brokerage, contact Brookside Church book keeping and indicate allocation(s) for the contribution to intended fund(s). Include donor’s legal name and address for a donation receipt.  

    Year-End Stock Gifts: Stock transfers must be received by our brokerage office before the closing of office hours on December 31. Please check with your brokerage firm concerning the cut off time for their agency making distributions.

Online Giving

Manage Your Account

With Subsplash Giving you can login at any time to view your giving history, make changes to your account, and update giving information.