Brookside Groups

Community Groups meet during the week around our city to live out the way of Jesus together. A Community Life Group is a place where you can be known and loved by God, and by your brothers and sisters in Jesus. These communities are always open to newcomers.

  • Community Life

    We believe discipleship is most fully realized in the small authentic community where we can develop deep relationships with fellow disciples of Jesus.

  • Growth

    Focus on Spiritual Development using a set curriculum while encouraging community.

  • Mentor

    Looking to be a mentor? Do you want to be mentored by someone? We have a desire to see our community grow together through sharing wisdom.

  • Serve

    Put transformation into action and give back to our community.

  • Sports

    Organized activities designed around a shared common interest for fun and friendship.

  • Care

    Offers space for healing, emotional growth, and deep transformation surrounded by support and community.

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