Mike Fortmeyer

I grew up on the Northwest side of Fort Wayne and started going to Pathway Community Church when I was a sophomore. I learned a lot about God and who Jesus was during my first semester of my sophomore year and then during a winter retreat everything that I had been learning really clicked in my head and moved my heart to fully accepting Christ and my life has been transformed as a result of following God. 

After graduating from Carroll High School, I pursued a ministry degree at Bible College in Mishawaka. During my time at Bible college, I found different churches to work at and lead students (Nappanee Missionary Church, Pine Hills, Pathway Community Church). After graduating from college in 2019 I was unable to find work in Fort Wayne, which lead me to Colorado. During my time at college I met my wife Jocelynne, and we got married in 2020. During our time in Colorado my wife and I often talked about moving back to Fort Wayne and when the opportunity arose, we took it. We are extremely excited to call Fort Wayne and Brookside home for us and can’t wait to see God move in Fort Wayne. I would love to sit down and talk with you over coffee or a meal if you want to know more about me or my story.

My hope for Brookside is that we would be a people that passionately pursue Christ in everything. I hope that we would be a community with more than just a religion, but rather a relationship with Jesus.