Courtney Phelps

Born and raised, and then raised a family in California, my family just moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana in August of 2022! If you haven’t heard about the Californians whose car broke down in Nebraska on their trek across the country, only to be given another Suburban--thanks to God and Nebraskan hospitality--and then came to Brookside for the first time only to have that car breakdown in the parking lot, well then we should chat, because it is quite a story! All that to say, God led us to Brookside where we were met by Jesus’s very arms and feet in the people of this congregation. I am proud to now be on staff here and administratively use my gifts on a new team.

Back in California, at our home church in Carmichael, I was on staff and led teams of women. My service there consisted of leading their Mothers of Preschoolers ministry, Bible studies, Book Club, Publicity, and so much more, for the past 15 years! To say that I love people is an understatement. To love God is to love people.

I know what you’re wondering because we get asked it everywhere we go: “Why did we move to Indiana?” Quite frankly, California got too expensive for us, we had friends moving here to Fort Wayne, and although we fought it for a good month, we ultimately surrendered to God’s will for our next steps. My husband, Royce, found a new job within a day, so our decision was made. We have six children ages 5 to 20 years of age, and they all made the move with us!

My hope for my new role at Brookside is to build a team of volunteers with hearts to serve and be a welcoming presence in the office, to work alongside in greeting guests and overseeing phone and doorbell. As I knew and loved my people in California very well, I am eager to build connections and get to know YOU. Reach out if joining this team is something you’d love to do.