First Impressions

We want everyone to feel welcome and connected when they come to church. That's why we have a team of people who greet people at the doors, prepare coffee drinks, and staff the Welcome Center. We want everyone to feel comfortable getting connected, whether it's finding a small group or getting plugged in to one of our ministries here at Brookside Church. 

  • Parking Lot

    Parking Lot team provide a friendly face and parking assistance to our guests and church members. They are the first visible representation of our church, and their warm greeting sets the tone for a wonderful worship experience.

  • Door Greeters 

    Door Greeters are the first people our guests see when they walk in to Brookside Church. They're responsible for making our guests feel welcomed and helping them find their way in to the building. Door Greeters are the face of our church, and they play a vital role in creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone who walks through our doors.

  • Ushers

    Ushers are the first line of hospitality at our church. They are responsible for greeting guests and helping them find a seat within the worship center. Ushers help to make everyone feel welcome, and they play an important role in creating a positive worship experience.

  • Welcome Team

    The Welcome Desk is the first and last impression that guests have of our church. Our team is responsible for providing guests with the most current information about our church, as well as making them feel welcome. The Welcome Desk team is a friendly and welcoming group who are excited to help people connect with our church.

  • Barista

    Our Barista team ensures that our cafe is prepared for all our worship gatherings. They brew delicious coffee, take orders, and are always friendly and welcoming. Their hard work makes our cafe a place where people can gather and connect with each other.