Communications Requests

  • Communications Request

    You must fill out this form in order for our team to promote your event. Include as much info as possible. All requests must be approved by our team and are not guaranteed a spot in the weekly guide or announcements. We reserve the right to edit your announcement for length and content, if necessary. 


    Projects can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for completion and will be worked on in the order they are received. Please plan accordingly, and be as thorough as possible when filling out this request. All copy should be proofed for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation prior to submitting this request.

    In your confirmation email please attach any image examples that showcase your vision for the visual direction of this request.


    This is here to serve your ministry with creative and storytelling that can help people discover and take their next step toward Jesus within the ministry that you lead. Here are a few things to help us serve your video needs more effectively.


    This request form is specifically tailored to collect information about content updates. We are able to both make edits to existing pages on the site as well as add new pages of content once approved by the communications department. 

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