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Prayer Guide

Prayer is the response that others may not see, and though it may not always produce immediate results, it always holds the most power. Jesus tells us that prayer can move mountains! Here is the past weeks' prayer request for you to pray over. 


  • Grace Paden

    Our newborn, Remington, spiked a fever yesterday morning and we have been admitted to Parkview North. They were unsuccessful with many pokes for his lumbar puncture. He has had a very traumatic experience here. Please pray for comfort for both him and I. My husband had to take off work today and possibly tomorrow since we don't have all day childcare. This week we are financially burdened as my husband is the only source of income. I have been on disability due to COVID complications since the end of April. I have to go back to work next month when my maternity leave is over (10/18). Thank you for taking the time to pray for my family.


  • Knuth Family

    UPDATED 6/30

    Daphne has been through 4 rounds of chemo so far and been in the hospital about 40% of the time. But God has blessed Daphne with positive attitude daily! They will be at Riley on 7/1 all day for CT scan and blood draws and meeting with the doctor. Next week (week of 7/4) there will be an all day surgery to remove the mass of tumors if things are proceeding well.

  • Tana LaFever

    UPDATE 7/2

    Aiden will have pulmonary reconstruction surgery on November 19th by Dr. Frank Hanley at Stanford Children’s Hospital (LPCH). The expected in patient recovery time is 3-4 weeks. Aiden should have a newly reconstructed heart and praying for oxygen saturation of 98-100 for the first time in his life.

  • Kathy Davis

    Cancer has spread to her knees. Potential of another surgery. Chemo and radiation are going well.

  • Tiffin Dalton  

    Tiffin has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. The tumor has grown and now there are multiple tumors. Pray for Tiffin and also the family.


  • Wanda Dabe

    Wanda's brother, Danny, went home to be with Jesus on Saturday 9/18, after a battle with cancer. His wife, Dawn, is currently undergoing radiation treatments for a tumor on her optic nerve. Prayers for the family are very appreciated.


  • The Hirschelmans

    The Hirschelman family wanted to express their thanks to the Brookside family for their generosity in prayer and giving.

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