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Prayer Guide

Prayer is the response that others may not see, and though it may not always produce immediate results, it always holds the most power. Jesus tells us that prayer can move mountains! Here is the past weeks' prayer request for you to pray over. 

UPDATED: 11/22/2022

Updates are checked regularly and as updates become available they are added or removed from the Prayer Guide.


  • Edward messal

    UPDATE: Praise our Lord Jesus for the privilege to worship at church this morning after right hip replacement surgery last month. 11/6/2022

    I will have replacement right hip surgery on Wednesday, October 19--would appreciate your prayers for success and healing.


  • Miriam, previous Brooksider

    Recently in the hospital for 2 days but is home now, requesting prayer for her health.

  • Pam Miller

    Having another pet scan wed, then meet w/dr to if see anything has spread and which to treat first, the lung cancer or the lymphoma. I am staying strong in the faith. God has a plan, and I am waiting to see what it is. 

  • Lynn Coolman

    Surgery on left knee is coming up on 11/28.

  • Chuck Wiggins

    Iron infusion is scheduled for 11/30 at PRMC at 10:45a.

  • Martha Butler

    Brother-in-law, Gary passed away yesterday. Pray for his widow, Janice.

  • Anna Ellison

    Nephew, James, age 30 is in hospital with fluid in lungs. Sudden fluid in his chest not draining. Pray for surgery.

  • Carol Sumney

    At Heritage Point, room 301, Chuck recently visited and she is doing better, has a bright spirit. Turned 87 on 11/1/2022.

  • Sharon (Cookie) Long

    Knee surgery on 10/17/22



  • Kerri Morningstar

    Pray for her family but especially her son, Ben, his mental health, sobriety and that he will see Our Heavenly Father as enough, not to keep searching for a nod of approval from earthly men i.e. father, grandfather, but with God.


  • Alicia Mccowan

    I am living in a hotel right now with my fiancé and children and really am asking God to bless us with a home of our own whether it be an apartment or house to rent. 

  • Tom Franks

    He needs to be restored physically from injuries sustained from an auto accident several years back, so he can get a good job, and get back on his feet. 

  • Andy Kapocius

    Prayers to help find meaningful work here in Fort Wayne once more would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dorris Lund

    Praise for daughter; living with her now. I have a number of health problems and she is there for me. I know God has always been with me or I could not have survived. He loved me so much and never gave up on me. He said, Never will I leave you, Never will I forsake you. (Heb. 13:5) Thankful we found Brookside it is a blessing, we now attend as a family, my daughter, her husband, my granddaughter, and myself. Keep us in your prayers, since my granddaughter is going through a gender identity crisis. 

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