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Prayer Guide

Prayer is the response that others may not see, and though it may not always produce immediate results, it always holds the most power. Jesus tells us that prayer can move mountains! Here is the past weeks' prayer request for you to pray over. 

UPDATED: 6/29/2022

Updates are checked regularly and as updates become available they are added or removed from the Prayer Guide.


  • Beverly Pape

    I am asking for prayer for Dave, who is having his 2nd shoulder replacement surgery on Thursday. This time for his right shoulder, which is in much worse shape and he is also right handed.


  • Tana LaFever


    Aiden is doing excellent and has had no setbacks! He is our little miracle! Thank you for all your prayers and your continued prayers.

  • Tiffin Dalton  

    Tiffin has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. The tumor has grown and now there are multiple tumors. Pray for Tiffin and also the family.

  • Betty Rahrer

    UPDATED 6/14/2022

    Crew just had a check up and it went well. Everything looked good and no tumor activity. We think he is gradually seeing more and more. He does a pretty good job of getting around. Brittany and Nick have not found a church home. Pray they will soon. Crew needs to be around other people and Brittany and Nick need the support.

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